Forehead Mic


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So my theatre just invested in new forehead mics and we are all brand new to using them — should we have the actors do their show hair before putting the mics in or not?


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I am a firm believer in mics are the last thing you put on whenever possible, post hair, post make-up. If wigs are involved obviously they go on last but no hair spray once they are on.


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Depends on what preemptive measures you're using to protect the mics from makeup, hair spray, and general nasty stuff. If you're trying to really make the mic invisible, often times you do need to have them put the mic on before they get their hair set for the show.

For example, when you buy MKE-2's they come with these makeup caps so you fully protect the mics. Otherwise, I generally give the HMU person a roll of paper tape and have them put a bit of paper tape over the capsule before they get folks in their chair.


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