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Free MIDI Buttons software

Discussion in 'Multimedia, Projection, and Show Control' started by 00AVD, Apr 18, 2009.

  1. 00AVD

    00AVD Active Member

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    Brisbane, Australia
    Hi everyone,
    I've written another freeware application. This one may interest those who need a simple Windows application to send MIDI messages to lighting desks, etc.

    It has a configurable set of buttons (1-100) with customisable message, colours and text for each button. It also can talk to up to 4 MIDI devices. (each button can be assigned to a different output)

    Anyway, check it out and let me know of any bugs or suggestions.
  2. NickJones

    NickJones Active Member

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    Somewhere far far away, Vic, Aus
    Yey, I love freeware apps, we need a section on here for us to post our apps, I have made a few, as have many other people, I will cirtainly check this out, we can control our vision mixer through MIDI, I had it set up so once I click play on the software to do video, it automaticly cuts to whatever feed its on. Niftey eh?
  3. zuixro

    zuixro Active Member

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    Spartanburg, SC
    Not to hijack... but does anyone know of a similar program for Mac? Preferably free.

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