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Has anyone had any luck with getting any free stuff from any companies with or without offering program space? If so...what, from where, and how?
catalogs and manuals are the most you will get out of some companies
What kind of free stuff are you looking for? Alot of companies dont have alot of SWAG. I got stuff from Martin and HES and ETC, etc but thats cause I went to LDI or have made contacts with them and use them for purchases.
I have gotten some free stuff from LittleLite and On Stage Stands with no contract or other purchase with them, just program mention. That is the type of stuff I'm talking about.
how would you go about getting these stands, i need to replace 90% of our current inventory, about 9
I'm sorry, it was Ultimate Support not On Stage Stands.

To get these items, you need to write a letter to these companies telling them who you are, on what behalf you're representing your theater company and why they should donate the lights. You can also contact resellers of the products.
i emailed companies and asked for shirts. etc is hard to get stuff from. i got a shirt from apollo and strand(my fav), one from high end is on the way. ask around and or email companies.
So I mentioned to the Osram rep. that Philips reps were visiting me this last week. Somehow after months of requesting swag swaps, I suddenly had some found and overnighted. Granted he was more concerned with me switching brands.

Than the Philips rep's that tripple teamed me no doubt in hearing that I'm not a easy sell asked a final faitful question of the day, "anything else we can do for you?" I have swag coming from them also now, or if not, you bet I won't let them forget.

Next up, Ushio and GE. Ushio should be an easy sell. Expect the vendor rep. to make her yearly visit at any time now. I'll simply note to her that if she does not bring swag with her two things will happen. First, the lighting department will be wearing Osram and Philips swag the day of her visit, and second the visit (- her fishing for a healthy order) won't go well for her in my being nice and giving her a order of interest.

GE is the next real challenge. Have not used that account in years, about time to re-establish it.

For me, fixture, production company and show swag is easy, I'm currently wearing a Reed Rigging above a Leprecon shirt. This given I'm yet to get anything from ETC still. Think I'm about to give up on them. That or take them up on the invite for a tour and all the swag I want as long as I do the road trip. Sometime about a letter to them mentioning that last time I was there to pick up some gear with swag in hand, no tour or exchange.

If possible during summer break, a trip to various manufacturers for the tour might be a interesting idea. Those on the East coast perhaps go to Altman, those in the central go to ETC or High End, those on the West.... for lack of other perhaps go to Mole Richardson, Kino Flo or TMB. This with prior asking to get the tour.
id be interested in a trip/tour to ETC. im only 45mins south of there.
etc is located in middleton, wi. near madison. full compass is also based there.
yea the east coast is a big place... where specifically is altman?
How would you go about getting apparel from lighting companies? I could never find any links on their site. I would love a high-end or martin shirt. The ETC jacket that the sales rep is wearing on the ETC website is cool too, but it looks like ETC is a hard company to get things like that from.
I think it's located in Yonkers, New York
Um... our school gets free coke products for our production... basically an entire room full of soft drinks for concessions and mini dasani water bottles for the cast and crew, and some boxes of coke paraphenalia for giving away. We give them a tiny credit in the "special thanks" part. lol
I can get pretty much anything I want lighting wise for free or cheap, because my dad has contacts in the industry.
How do you get the coke? Direct or through a distributor or vendor?

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