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Hey does anyone know of any good free theatre related software

Lighting Plot designers
Spectrum Analyisers


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What are your looking for? Sound, Lighting, ect ??


The only free software that i use for theatre is LD Calculator lite. It is very useful to figure out different things.

The things that it calculates are:
Electrical Base Laws
Electrical Phase Loads
Electrical Load List
Electrical Voltage Drop
Resistance Color Code
Weight Load List
Truck Laod and Volume
General Converter
DMX Address
Database Manufacturer
Databaser Fixture
Database Roadcase

It is very useful especially if your show is going on the road, but in most cases you will only need it to calculate half of the things it is capable of doing.

Other types of software that I use cost money. They are also really good, if you can afford it, or if your school has an extra lisence of the software.
For lights I use VectorWorks
For construction and all the different types of plots and plans I use AutoCAD
For sound I use Cool Edit Pro.

I did not have to pay for any of these because I the theatre had liscenes to all these programs. I would sudgest that if you want these things free, see what the theatre or school has that you can use.


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Dustin i am looking for all types of software i think there is a lot of good sofware out there that people are using that could save people a lot of time

too tall thanks for the software and i will see what my theatre has


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There are several free cad programs out there. They're better than nothing. I'm also a huge fan of Sketch-up even the free version is extremely powerful and extremely easy to use. Google it learn it use it.
For sound I use Cool Edit Pro.

That is now Adobe Audition.

I have Adobe Audition 2.0 and it is one heck of an amazing piece of software.

I especially like the studio reverbs and the noise reduction profiling capability.

Makes any recording sound great, example a choir I recorded yesterday.


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this isn't a cad program, but there is a board simulator that allows you to build entire shows and then upload it to an ETC board.
It's called ETC Expression Offline. google it.

Just about all the theater consoles now have a free off line version of their software that you can download and use on your home computer. Just check out the various manufacturer download pages. Most of these require you to either own the actual console to upload it or to buy an expensive attachment interface from them (commonly called a dongle) to make it work.


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A follow up on trying out consoles by downloading their off-line software:

To try the Strand console software go here and then select the Support tab>Software

To try ETC's Congo, Emphasis, Obsession, or Expression console software go here .... no EOS yet but it shouldn't be long until it's there.

To try a GrandMA go here

To try a Hog 3 go here


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To try ETC's Congo, Emphasis, Obsession, or Expression console software go here .... no EOS yet but it shouldn't be long until it's there.

You forgot Smartfade :)

Virtual Smartfade doesn't build shows like the other offline editors, but it really gives you a feel for the operation of the console. I was very skeptical about the idea of a low-budget, two-scene based ETC console until I sat down with's actually pretty nice.
check out some of the demoes as well, sometimes they are almost full functioning,or have certian limitations as with lightwright

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