fresh blood!


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hey i stumbled upon this palce today when looking for theatre jokes to post on my TD's door, i figured it may be useful to sign-up since i'm a tech major and all. :dance:


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Welcome to Controlbooth.

I hope that you wil be able to learn from all of us and that we might be able to learn from you.



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howdy, i assume you found the numerous joke threads....?
btw, is the middle of nowwhere MA all that its cracked up to be?


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yes, i was directed to the many joke threads...thanks for the welcomes, btw. i figure it would be nice to stare my interests now, i mainly am into lighting design, but given that i have some experience in it, and my college's theatre dept is so small, i also do some stage management. what do y'all do out of curiousity???


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oh and the middle of nowhere in dear ol' Massachusetts is fine, if you have a 4x4 vechicle ;)

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