Hey! I've been researching a number of foggers for our theatre and I've come across some really helpful threads here. I have now narrowed down our search to HE's FQ-100 or Froggys Fog Titan 1800pro for our budget. I am having trouble finding proper tech reviews on either. I know the FQs have a good reputation, so I guess I really just want to know if the Titan is any good.

We have a 60'x90' blackbox and the stage normally takes up about 40'x25', though we sometimes make it as deep as the room.

Thanks in advance!
Biased review, but High End's equipment is generally rock solid. The FQ-100 is the slightly upgraded version of the old F-100 that every complex I've seen has at least one of.
The only repairs I've seen on them is an occasional need to replace the fluid pump - at least in my experience these seem to fail after 4-5 years.
One thing to consider is whether or not your venue has to comply with Equity rules regarding atmospherics. IIRC the Titan isn't listed on the Equity test sheet so you'll have a bit more work in getting it to fly with AE.
Nothing against Froggy's (I've run their fluid through FQ's all the time with great results), but their machine is probably just a re-branded Antari. I doubt they're the OEM. I would go with the FQ personally.

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