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Front Of House Manual

Discussion in 'Stage Management and Facility Operations' started by peacefulone61, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. peacefulone61

    peacefulone61 Active Member

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    Technical Director
    Somerset Ma
    I am working on putting together a front of house manual for the College I work at. We have a variety of students who handle this for two different venues located in the same facility. I have the Basics like ticket pricing, how to count in and out cash box, how to deal with outside ticket companies and such. I was wondering if anyone else had other things the include like, checking all the emergency exits, Headset protocols, or even tips on de-escalation when the house is sold out.
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  2. cbrandt

    cbrandt Well-Known Member

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    Emergency procedures are possibly the most important thing you can have in there. Having FOH well versed in these plans makes everyone safer.
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  3. RonHebbard

    RonHebbard Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    Burlington, Ontario, Canada
    @peacefulone61 PLEASE teach the eager beavers NOT to open the lobby doors BEFORE we've re-lit the house lights. Time and time again some newb flings open the lobby doors the instant we go to black at the end of the first act allowing the lobby lights to flood in and illuminate the 'dead body' as they miraculously spring to life and bolt for the nearest wing.
    Cardinal rules to live by:
    1; We won't begin a production and / or act until the House Manager is ready and has turned the house over to us.
    2; Don't open the lobby doors until we've re-lit the house lights.
    3; Supplemental rules. Try not to give us the house if / when you've still got frail patrons with canes or walkers struggling their way down aisles and steps to reach their seats. Please have everyone seated before you give us permission to take the house to black.
    4; Brace them to deal with folks who show up with a valid ticket but for yesterday's or next week's performance.
    5; Brace them for patrons with huge, tall, hats. (Who often refuse to remove them during performances.)
    6; Brace them for patrons visually and / or aurally recording.
    6; Brace them to deal with unadvertised performances by understudies, as well as any use of strobes or pyro. Think Equity rules regardless of whether you're Equity or not.
    Teach them to scan for errant items such as:
    - Coats draped over balcony rails and about to begin smoldering when the balcony rail lights come up.
    - Purses, shoes, and galoshes / overshoes left behind under seats.
    - Look and listen for cell phones left behind when the house empties.
    Headset protocols. THANK YOU!
    Ron Hebbard
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  4. Footer

    Footer Senior Team Senior Team Premium Member

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    Saratoga Springs, NY
    CPR/AED training, usher positions and responsibility, FOH closeout procedure (check bathrooms and other crevices for injured patrons), emergency procedures (fire, weather, patron injury, active shooter, power outage, etc), merch count/cut procedures, duplicated ticket procedures, late seating rules, show report, security issues.... I could go on for a really long time.
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  5. Jay Ashworth

    Jay Ashworth Well-Known Member

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    St Pete FL USA
    I detect an opportunity for a Industry Recommended Practices Document.
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  6. mikefellh

    mikefellh Active Member

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    Toronto, Canada

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