Frontal Accessories for the VL1000


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Feb 17, 2007
Chicago, Illinois
So I just spent the past two days a the Chicago Lyric Opera at the Vari*Lite Roadshow watching demos of their lights and talking to various people from the company. I was looking at trying to get a demo for a VL1000 at my highschool, and noticed it has what looks like an accessory mount on the fron, in front of the lense. What does/ can it hold, and what is the size of it (Whould a Source4 PAR top hat fit in there?). Thanks.


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Feb 22, 2006
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Floor Stand does not connect to the front of the unit.
The VL1000 is only designed to hang "yoke up". The floor stand allows you to mount it on the ground "yoke down".
beat me to it, knew someone would try and out snarky my snarkyness by pointing out the basestand


Apr 30, 2007
Dallas, TX
so looking at the page who else is shocked at those prices $52 for a top hat, christ.

This is why you never buy direct from the manufacturer...always go to a dealer...if you're paying list're getting ripped off.

-Chris ;)

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