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FS/FT/FF A bunch of old equipment In CT

Discussion in 'CB Classifieds' started by LWTelectrics, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. LWTelectrics

    LWTelectrics Member

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    New England
    I've got a load of old equipment taking up space and gathering dust that I need gone. If any of this might be of use to you shoot me a PM. A lot of these are untested as I have neither the time nor the equipment to properly test them, so when I say below "Make me an offer" I mean it. If you, for some ungodly reason, want an Obsession II for $50 and you can pick it up from the theater it's yours! Everything is located in New Haven, CT. Pictures available on request.

    • ETC Net Remote Video interface
      • Not tested - Make me an offer
    • ETC Net2 Video Node
      • Not tested - Make me an offer
    • ETC Obsession II with dual proceessors
      • The Control panel boots up, I was unable to get it to connect with the processor though I didn't try particularly hard and remember that being kind of a finicky operation. Make me an offer.
    • ETC Obsession II RFU - 2
      • Not tested - Make me an offer
    • ETC Insight
      • Not tested, requires an RGB moniter, probably doesn't work, seems a shame to trash it? free for pickup
    • Studio Color Wash 575 with roadcase - 2
      • One works fine, one has some color flag issues. $100 OBO for both
    • Old Style "Ground nub out" Twist lock Connectors
      • I've got around 100, males and females, $150 for all of them
    • Altman 6 x 9 and 6 x 12 - 40
      • Well maintained, recently bench focused and cleaned, rarely used, $75 each
    • ETC Response DMX512 to AMX192 Convertor
      • Tested and working, 4 pin output, $200 OBO
    • ETC Response 96 out DMX to analog Converter
      • Not Tested, 3 - 36 pin Centronics connectors, $100 OBO
    • Doug Fleener DMX to Analog Convertor
      • not tested, 24 pin serial output $100 OBO
    • 60' Socapex Retractor Reels - 2
      • These are actually pretty nice! They are 12/14 6 Circuit Soca retractor reels with
        Lex molded connectors. Dimensions are about 2'6" cubed and they weigh about 100#. $1000 Each OBO.
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  2. theatricalmatt

    theatricalmatt Active Member

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    New England
    I might be interested in one of the analog converters. The analog dimmers I have a 6-pin cinch jones connectors, though.

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