Fun with sound?

Nothing too specific comes to mind. There is always "god" from the soundbooth with reverb and/or delay. Music sounds interesting if your run a whole cd through the flanger, or something similar. I couldn't ever imagine using this when an audience is around. If it is just friends though it can make for a decent laugh.
We don't have the resources to add effects to our stuff.
The most fun internal effects thing... The bells in our school are just a tone around the 1200 kHz range, so one time when they wanted a "bell" effect in a talent show type of thing, I used the oscillator on our K2 and nobody complained.
lol, my fav is when we had a dual monitor computer hooked up and were using it for sound, second favroite is when an actor pos me and u pretend to be god and tell them if they bad mouth crew theres aint gonna be a show
here we done most of everything lighting, fire, car crashs, drums, so really anything it differently cool if you have the internet and some way to record sound then play them back.
o yes...big headed actors that think their better than all of us. We all got me. During one play i ended up almost coming to fists with one cause he didnt deem it right to give me his mic after 45 min of chasing his though the school halls. but as far as moniters go, weve got a laptop on the deck for me to use connected to the board as a control and a slave in the video booth so that they dont need to call commands done for their sound...just gotta find out a way to disable thigs they dont need up there. And fire, etc?...before my time we had a play with a real car on stage...i wish i saw how that one came on the stage. And pyro...our crew director had a lincense untill it became illigal to use pyro... But we do darn good drum risers to i must say..ill have to see if i can get our vaudeville pics up at all..that was a darn good set.

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