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For an upcoming production, we will be using open flame effects (with relevant permits and licensed operators) and will be using several of the "GAM Torch" self-extinguishing torches. I have managed to get my hands on the required number of torches, however unfortunately GAM (now part of Rosco) has discontinued the manufacture of both the torch and the GamFuel pellets. I cannot find any documentation on what those white pellets were made of and I need an alternative smokeless solid fuel. Does anyone know the chemical composition of the GamFuel blocks or have any suggested alternatives? I have purchased several brands of "smokeless" fire tablets from Amazon (designed for camping/backpacking) but all of them still produce significant smoke and are definitely not the same thing. To anyone who reads the responses to this thread, please bear in mind that real fire should almost always be avoided in theatre and it poses an EXTREME hazard and liability and should only be attempted by licensed professionals under the supervision of a local fire marshall. Thanks in advance for any help!


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Following. I have 2 of those torches and a handful of pellets left. Havent needed them in a long time and don't see anytime soon, but would be good to know.
And yes, I do talk to the FM for those uses...

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