G'day from an Aussie in Malaysia


Howdy all, I'm an automation technician in theatre. I used to install and commission systems in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, France and Korea. Now I help maintain and train the local guys and girls here in Malaysia. Give us a yell if you think I can help with questions. I'm not always at my puter so forgive any long delays in responding. Cheers DLD
YAYAYAYAYAY!!!! Someone found the new member's forum again!!!! It has been quite a while since a new member bothered to post here, THANK YOU!

Sounds like you have done quite a bit of traveling! That must have been exciting! I hope someone can help you out with your request about rigging regulations, unfortunatly I personally dont have hardly any experience with rigging. Sorry!

Welcome to Controlbooth.com!
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I'm here already. Welcome to Controlbooth.com post often, and most importantly have fun. I took so long because I had to write a research paper for school and get ready for the biggest concert of the year at the same time.

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