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We are planning on re-gel or 24 cyclorma lights and are going to re-gel them with the typical three primary colors. Blue, Yellow and Red. But obviously enough there are many different shades.

What would be the best choices when it comes to picking our new gels. Mainly for the use of blending to achieve the other colors.


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Are you sure you don't want Red, Green and Blue if you're going primary? I ask because while RYB is primary for pigments, it doesn't work that way for lighting. That said, many people do use yellow/amber to aid in mixing certain colors -- but don't let yourself fall under the impression that you can mix any color with it. Just a matter of semantics regarding the use of 'primary', really. RGB is usually the "catch-all" even though RGBA is better yet (3-cell cyc lights are the most prevalent, unfortunately).

Rosco Cyc Silks are as follows:
#124 - Red
#125 - Blue
#126 - Green
#127 - Amber

Primary Color - Wikipedia (note the differences between additive and subtractive mixing)

For more Controlbooth results on Cyc gels: Controlbooth Search Results: Cyc Gels
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Just want to add that I often find R127 waaayyy to close to R124 to be useful. Its basically an orange-red, not an amber. When i do an RGBA cyc I'll usually do R124, R125, R126, R21+silk. You might want to do that as well.

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