Gel Conversion Charts


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I'm working on a very large gel conversion chart and need some help.

So far from books I'm using what's in Stage Lighting A to Z, and Stage Lighting Revealed, also I believe conversions from both Lee and GAM though I will have to verify it, in addition to one from Apollo and some taken off Rosco's website. Plus some other conversion charts I have found elsewhere.

At the moment, I have Rosco, Roscolene, Lee, CineGel, CineColor, GelaTran, GAM, Apollo, and CineFilter included, and am about to add Rosco E-Color into it. It's 293 rows and 7 vendors worth of conversion but needs some more editing and stuff added to it.

If anyone has any conversion charts or links to them other than the above mentioned ones, or charts you think might be good to verify with or add to mine, please send them to me by way of E-Mail.

Once the list is completed I will have it posted to the forum.
dou you have the slide conversion chart from apollo?
Going back to slides, what's a conversion chart for them given a slide projector in use? Thought a slide was more a photo that's made into it's shape in a individual photo that would have a recognized conversion chart.

IF a conversion chart for patterns, or for gels by that company in comparison to other brands as a conversion chart might entail, one might ask for such a thing.

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