gel sizes?


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Hi, this is a simple question:
what size do i cut my gels down to for a ETC S4 and an ETC S-4 PAR. I think the S4 should be 6.25 and the S-4 PAR 7.5 inches, but I'm not 100% sure, so I just wanted to double check.....

thanks guys
Those are right.
Yeah, that would also be 7.5 inches.
cause the gels are at my house, and the gel frames are at school, and I wanna do it over the weekend (today).
working at home.. omg! nah good stuff... i generally only do paper work and designing at home... and the occasional lead making etc. but yeah mostly paperwork type stuff... however i do have boxes and boxes of gel at home and this hugeee box fulla promo material and cd's from crappy companies that are trying to sell me crappy products!
I made myself a template of every gel size that I whould need out of a thin sheet of plywood and then all i do is lay it down on the gel, and cut around it with a razor blade. Perfect cut gels every time.

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