gel tape


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Jun 12, 2004
Waterdown, ON, CA
ok then, I will give that a try!
You'll find clear tapes work best. 3M"Magic" appears clear on paper but lightly frosted when applied to color media and lit. If you try to use "Magic" you'll find it has the effect of a light frosting on your ellipsoidal's output. Split gels are nothing special on Fresnels but can be quite magical when used on ellipsoidals with gobo's and then ran slightly out of focus. I've often found them quite useful with leaf gobo's for a sunlight through the trees look. Play with barrel position running it slowly in and out past the normal focal point. You can achieve some quite interesting results. Some people prefer the simplicity of diagonal cuts in two colors. Others go wild with two to four colors in various patterns.
Ron Hebbard.

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