Gift Guide


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Jan 31, 2003
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General Gifts

Stainless Steel Sharpie - Catalog)

Lighting Gifts

New Flat UFT -
tool leash -

Sound Gifts

Compact cable tester - Rat Sound Sales - EAW Microwedge, Audix OM7, Ultimate XLR Cable Tester, SoundTools: Ultimate XLR Cable Tester - Rat Sound Sniffer/Sender Pack
Equalizer T-Shirt - ThinkGeek :: T-Qualizer Shirt
Inexpensive Measurement Microphone - SIA RTA-420 Measurment Microphone
Phantom Powered Noise Generator - Rational Noise Stick
Comact Mic Stand - The Nano Stand
Mini Mic Stand - Mini Tripod Mic Stand
iPhone Audio Apps - AudioTools for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
Speaker Imepdance Tester - Dayton Audio - WT3 Woofer Tester (listed as a subwoofer tester but can generate impedance sweeps for any speaker or driver)
Personal Noise Dosimeter - Etymotic Research, Inc. - ER-200 Personal Noise Dosimeter
Low Cost 'Musician' Ear Plugs - Etymotic Research, Inc. - ETY-Plugs ER20 High Fidelity Earplugs (About $10-$15 a set, less if ordered in quantity)

Prop Gifts

Multimedia Gifts

-USB external drive dock (
-Mini USB monitor (
-Tiny wireless keyboard w/touchpad and laser (
-Green Laser Pointer (
-BNC tool (
-Universal network adapter (
-Test Pattern Generator thumbdrive (

Feel free to add your suggestions to the list!