Glass Dubble Sided Projector Screen


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Here is a cool one that really works. If you want to make a cool video projection on a three way stage or just for a really cool effect. Try projecting onto a piece of fogged glass. If you have a stage with no real front like for a concert or somthing its a great effect because the audience can see the image from both sides at the same time using only one projector. If you cant afford glass get a piece of plexi-glass and cover it with a light coat of white elmers glue. Or a very light coat of a white water based paint.
Like I said, for a concert or an awards type show, it is a great effect because the audience cna see through the glass and see the projection at the same time. I am not suggesting you should use it for a play or anything. Its just a cool thing when you are looking for cool effects.

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