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can someone tell me where i can oder a gobo catalog i havent found many. we need some gobos for our play. if you could send me the links to or something or just order me some id appreciate it.

Ross Zentner
BMHS Theatre
1154 McKinley Ave.(home) 1225 4th St.(school)
Beloit WI
we need just standard metal ones. more of a break up style.

also is ther a place i can get a free lighting template, i found one for $15; is there any free?
i work for rosco and i think that i might have our gobo catalogue on my computer, pm me your email address and i will either send you a pdf or a hard copy.
yea, most gobo companies have theyre catalogs online. also, if you can get to a local theatre equipment supplier, they have them for free.

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