GoboRam manual needed


Jul 27, 2009
New Prague, Minnesota USA
I recently purchased several old Wybron GoboRam units. Most of them need some work. Unfortunately, for me, there was no manual included and Wybron tech support does not appear to have any either. (They did pass along some very helpful information.)

There's switches and LED's on it that I have no idea what they are for. I also have no idea how many channels they use or what settings withing those channels do what. I have the necessary Wybron power supply and know how they all get hooked together and how to set the address of each unit. But that's about all I know.

Does anybody have a Wybron GoboRam (Model 4530) manual that they would be willing to copy and send me? I'd be happy to pay copying and shipping costs and your efforts. This is for the older GoboRam, NOT the GoboRam II for which manuals are available on-line.




May 3, 2008
Austin, TX
Hey Larry,

The Goboram (4530) is operationally identical to the Goboram 2 (4590),
so the Goboram II manual will get you started. The only read difference is in addressing.

Addressing the 4530 is done via a 1-12 address wheel. The Goboram
uses 3 channels, so at address 1, the Goboram is 1, using channels 1-3.
With address wheel at 2, the Goboram is 4, using channels 4-6 and so on.

Remember, Goboram requires a Coloram II powersupply.

shoot me an email and I'll forward the manual to you.

Dusty Hudgins
Sales Manager
Wybron, Inc.
[email protected]wybron.com