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Being a theater/ tech geek really paid off for me this mounth. It paid off through a very exciting student government election in which a good friend off mine and i were running agaist eacheother. a massive poster campaign was launched with attacks and counter attacks, ending with my mother endorsing my oppent and her father endorsing me. the greatest bit of advertising however (IMO) was when i cut two gobos, one saying "vote", the next "ian". then, with the help of two friends and two source fours i managed to have more-then-subliminal messages flashing in lights above the student body in our gym-a-cafe-atorium

anyway, just a little proof thats its useful to be a techie.

(oh, i also learned that scisoors work better then exacto-knives when cutting aluminum lassania casserole pans)

Who won?
He did (he said that it paid off for him).

I have expected to say "two friends, the two source4's"......
That's pretty funny. I have a similar story. Arguably if it wasn't for me, we might have a different senior class president at our school. I played a song for him over the PA, and some light stuff "Yeah!" by Usher to be exact, which he danced to. It was great. That was the highlight of the week.

See for yourself: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc0umi67gDY
not the highest quality video eh? lol. I was poondering a campaign poster with somethinhg like, all the worlds a stage and we need better lighting! and who loves light more then Ian Heller?! but i didn't think i'd fly to well
just out of curiosity, who gets to be the ligthing designer for the presidential debates?

Could they favor one candidate over the other, and sublinimally make on person sweat under hotter lights, or digusting loioking colors?
There was a thread on lightnetwork a month or two ago about the last presidential election tours last.

And I'm sure if you bathed the electee in the ugliest color green you could find, you may not get hired back next election.

However during the RNC I was hoping someone would hijack the video server and pop up a video decreasing Bush. But no such luck.
Both sound and lighting are carefully monitored for the White House, there's a team of people who take care of all necessary details about it. The mircrophones they've always used, the light levels, even correction for film are responsability of the White House A/V department.

Now candidates is another thing, that I assume depends on each party on who tey want to hire.
The president of the USA uses a pair of SM-57's with the standard windscreens, and a bunch of other special amps and cables and clamps and stands from Shure. How do I know this? I have spent far too much time looking at the Shure website.
I recall reading in plsn that there is one company that caters specifically to campaign tours. (I think I also saw them in a west wing episode once, don't rmeber the company's name thought)
I know that Vision Technical Group, located in Pottstown, PA was responsible for the last presidential inaugeration and ball, among other events.
I mean didn't somebody lose to J.F. Kennedy because they were sweating on the televised debates?
Nixon had just come out of the hospital, refused make-up, and his suit was too big because he had lost weight during his hospitalization.
Kennedy looked healthy, trimmed and fit. People were more confident that he could run a country.
Thank you,
see i bet i'd know that fact if my ****ing history teacher wasn't such a ************
(k sorry shouldn't be ranting here)
well, i'm a total histroy buff which is why i'm so pissed at my histroy teacher because he ****ing screwed up all the fun cool parts of history and made it boring inacurate and tedious.

(god, i really should move this to the punching bag, its jsut any mention of aforementioned teacher makes my blood boil)
Inaki2 said:
You know what's sad? I'm not American hahaha
Yeah, I was gonna say; and this guy's from Argentina! I doubt most Americans would know that little bit of info, I know I for sure didn't!

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