Golden Colour Gel


For our Winter production "Caucasian Chalk Circle" our director wants the entire set to appear golden through the lights. I cannot think of a way to achieve this except through a really complex and resource extensive use of yellows, oranges etc...

Any ideas of gel numbers (pref by Lee) would be appreciated
tell him to go buy some gold paint and paint the set gold, which translates to i am clueless!
not the answer i was hoping for but i have spent the past two hours pouring over swatch books and putting them over lanterns and mixing them and I can't tihnk of anything else but the brillant idea of gold paint! :D
Wondering and assuming that the rest of the stage show is normal, if there is not some form of phosphor paint that cant be only showing thru this scene that is later lit by a combination of amber/gold gels and the phosphor paint activated by UV devices or blackout? In other words, some sort of gold gel in the lights, and phosphor paint/dye on the the costumes that is activated by the UV light source to make it pop and the glow surface color as lit by the gels glow gold. Perhaps some lavender thrown in for magical effect and shadow also as opposed to the normal blue shadow.

A follow spot with golden gel will also go far.

Another more high budget option might be some form of gold enhanced scrim flown in down stage of the action that is kind of translucent in adding a gold effect to the stage. Perhaps if even grey or black you can do so with a scrim and gel to separate the action upstage from the effect requested by way of front light somewhat limiting the view of the upstage but creating the effect on the down stage plane of scrim.

If nothing else, expect this as more concept by way of director inspiring you than actual effect. What in lighting and requirements of stage can you pump up the stage lighting to in making it more rich in look than in the before scene? How in lighting can you make the lighting more economically favored than persay Gold might be a worthwhile question given it's more a concept than request for gel?

Of very good note also is the gold paint idea. When lit by colors other than it, it sort of fades into the background. When the background is gold and lit with a gel in the amber/orange-white range, the gold when at a perpendicular angle to the gold wash of pigment will make the gold pop. This is especially the case when the gold pigment is as part of a bunch of other textured colorings such as a say rag rolled wall with a few base pigments to it. Light the wall indirectly and it's the texture of the wall. Light the wall at another if not light it in a way that's brighter and glaring to the audience, and the gold pops thru the other paint colors. This wash of gold pigment can thus pop when requested.

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