gotchas for transporting a Sensor Touring rack on its “back”?

If it's a 24 slot, it's a 48x2.4kw. "Large" would be a 48-slot, 96-way. There's not that much size difference between the 48 and 96. The 96 is a little wider, duh, because it has an extra row of dimmers. Neither is going to tip over without a great deal of external force. You could put it in the middle of an empty trailer if you could convince it not to roll. But it IS a "rolling rack, so just ratchet strap it to a front or side railing.
I mistyped. It is a “large” with 48 slots and 96 dimmers. We put it in the middle of the trailer because of weight distribution with eight straps on it, mostly to keep it from moving forward or aft, with a couple holding it down in case of a rollover.

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