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Can someone tell me where i can get grants for getting some lighting equipment? Or know of any companies that would help a high school theatre out? My director put me in charge of trying to find some money to either get 2 intels or some more conventionals. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

If there are any theatres, churches, and or other lighting companies that could donate the use for maybe 4 weeks of the before mentioned equipment.
I would recomend contacting any corperations in your area.
School districts should able to get a technology grant from state and maybe even federal.
Might also check my church funding reply from some point this week for ideas on how to raise money or gain lighting company connections. Granted it's a school so substitute the execuitive for the director of theater or someone at the school distract in making the connection in meaning a larger amount of potential purchases for the future. Still a student like a tech person is limited in the amount in requesting such things they are taken seriously in not holding the purse strings for future purchases or productions.

In other words, while it's good experience for you to do the leg work, I would recommend that when it comes to the intitial contact and proposal, it's coming from one of the above people instead of a student. Minors can't sign contracts, nor represent a school distract in even a free loan of gear.

So what production companies are local to you? Start in your general area, and work out from there. After that, what clubs/bars etc. including strip clubs are in your area that might have moving lights they might loan you for a production? Granted the school board might have a problem with a loan from a strip club, but such places when a bit more high brow will often have large lighting packages - no personal experience on my part other than in dropping off gear or buying lamps for them. Local bands also frequently will have some form of moving lights, perhaps a loan from them might in getting their name out have some effect. Othewise as with the success of the ETC request for shirts post, perhaps a request to some small tour band such as say a Cheap Trick. Such a band owns it's own gear and it normally is just in storage when not on tour. Much less in getting the band's gear, it might even form another part of the show to draw audience. The most wacky ideas on how to get funding much less who has the stuff and just might possibly get involved especially if somewhat local, are often the ones that pay off the best.

Back to the point, this is for the gear either as a rental at a hopefully lower rate, or for free at least for the first production. Earlier in this fourm there was a note about a school that had a local production company doing an incredible light show for free every year. My own place also does this for various schools also in both our current branches.

Beyond this and as JP mentions, local corporations - no matter the type might fund such a production. They are already funding sports teams and stadiums, why would it not be possible for Beloit Widgets presents a night of movers as them hoding title on the show? Present the grant or production proposal correctly and this just might be feasable.

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