Greetings from California


Just wanted to start my first post by saying howdy to everyone. Been doing Audio, Lighting, and Video for about 10 years...mostly in a large church setting. Currently still working part time in a large church, and also at a small church. Hope to get to know all of you better. - Jeff
Welcome aboard! :) I'm from California too - I go to school in MA. What part of CA? :)

I am from Sacramento. And luckily, I don't have to be at both churches at the same time. :D I mix at the smaller church on Sunday mornings, and then I mix at the big church on sunday nights...and whenever they need me to.

Please feel free to ask any questions of me...I am not shy :lol: - Jeff
Hey, not shy is good to know, then we know you'll be making lots of posts in other threads too adding your ideas to the other topics being discussed! :) (sorry for that not to subtle hint :) )

Ah, ok, so you havent had to clone youself yet, that's a good thing! hehe What do you mix for these services? basicly a small worship type band? or choir? My "church" (read the article on my website ( for why that is in ""s) defanatly does not have a sound system, so no mixing at "church" for me :-( the both churches I have a worship band (6 vocals, Acoustic, Electric, Bass, keyboard and drums) as well as the Pastor and other special music.

Sunday morning at the small church is a normal service. I mix on a A&H GL220 with 6 monitor mixes, and JBL Eon G2's for speakers. We are a new church (only 2 years old) so we set the equipment up and tear it down every week because we are in a school building

Sunday night at the big church, is our college/career age group service. For that I mix on a A&H GL 3300 with 5 monitor mixes, plus one for reverb. We use Yorkville speakers and sub-woofers in that room.

I used to work at the big church full time for 8 years, and was dismissed for some really strange reasons...and then the boss who fired me, left the church, and they hired me back on part time.

I mixed in the main Sanctuary for about 2 years prior to the firing on a Soundcraft Europa (40 ch. 12 aux sends) for the main console...and an A&H GL4000 (40 ch.) next to it for the orchestra and choir.

Sorry for the long post...just thought I would give ya some background. I have a lot of other stuff I could talk about in this post, but I'll save it for later. :D - Jeff
hehe avkid! :) if you are always going to be #1 you are going to have to be quick! :) hehehe (ya I am a nerd and check these forums WAY too often!) You should have a good chance of being first the next few days b/c I will be pulling some long days at school teching a battle of the bands.

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