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hi to everyone

I am the band director at our local public High School, amoung many hats I wear I am the TD for any activites in the auditorium and A/V around the school.

I can manage myself around the world of lighting, and with the help of a former student (that went on in the area of theatrical lighting after high school) he often does the light plots now & I help him (change of teacher/student role!)

Sound on the other hand.... I "think" I know what I'm doing, but I'm smart enough to know how much about sound I really don't know.

I have slowly updated a lot of my equipment. Years ago I had an old Sabine single channel Feedback Exterminator (I liked it alot!). When updating, I tried to save money and went with (2) Behringer DSP2494 units (one for mains, one for monitors). Well you know the old saying... if its sounds to good to be true .... thought I was getting a unit that does more (many features besides feedback) and cost less.

I often still find myself living with the owners manuel everytime I go to use them or change something with them. They seem to do a lot, but the directions don't seem to speak to me as a jack-of-all-trades-band director, thy're written more like toward a sound engineer (just my opinion).

i.e. in the feedback part of the units I can change the settings for Sensitivity and Threshold, but it doesn't really tell me why and what I get one way or the other.

So though I may look for other threads on microphone, wireless Q&A, and other topics, if someone can point me in the direction to hook up with folks that know how to use a Behringer DSP 2496 I'd really appreciate it. Questions also regarding the RTA features and transfering them to EQ settings

I'm looking forward to getting to know the Control Both site and meeting many techies here!



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Welcome to Control Booth!! I work at a high school and can feel your pain. Needed - jack of all trades, master of none. But it does make the day interesting!! Post your sound questions in the sound forum. It is quite a helpful and knowledgable group here.



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Welcome Aboard.


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Welcome to Controlbooth.

We all face our own unique challenges every day, BUT, being techs as we are, we always seem to find a way of making it work.

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