Greetings from Vashon Island

Michael Hayes

Jan 18, 2019
Vashon Island, WA
Heya folks, longtime forum stalker, first time poster.

I'm the Technical Director at Vashon Center for the Arts. We have a 300 seat proscenium stage with a motorized orchestra pit (pit, floor, and stage options), a brand new d&b flown PA, and a modest ETC lighting system (half a Sensor rack of dimmers) with conventionals controlled by a 2nd gen Element. We control sound with a Soundcraft si Expression 2 but sometimes bring in a Behringer X32 with a DL16 stage box for shows.

The space was designed for unamplified chorale and chamber music but now we plays, rock and jazz concerts, lectures, etc. It's a great space, a little bright and live due to its original purpose, and a little underpowered for lighting. We also lack a proper front-to-back crossover. You either go outside and around or you go onstage to get from the house to the backstage area.

I'm fairly new to the space, which is also just about 3 years old. As such I inherited a slew of quirks and challenges I'm slowly working my way through. Budgets are tight, but I'm trying to expand where I can. Some decent LED lighting is my dream goal but I'm gonna have to fight my way there.

Glad to be here!