Greetings to Everyone here

Hi All,

Greetings to everyone in the lighting field here.
I'm JustinP,
still very new in this field & in a learning process too.

and have recently launch my very own website

I invite anyone who is interested to join my programmer list

I'm a total beginner in web design too
if you happen to find any mistake or error, please notify me.

thanks for taking your time to read my post here.
thank you


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Welcome Aboard! This is a great place for learning about all sorts of things. Ask and answer, and use the Search button.


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Cool site. Welcome aboard.
Yes, i made it myself.
i hope it is alright, and didn't make any faulty mistake.

I've just update the wholehog II tips and tricks.
please have a look if your interested in wholehog II

as well, let me know if you have any new tricks too.
thank you


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Welcome Aboard!

Might one of those nice mod / admin types care to move this across to the New Members' Board?

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