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Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by percified, Mar 27, 2009.

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    Greetings all! I hail from Edmonton Alberta and am an amateur lighting jack-of-all-trades. I've been involved with theatrical style of lighting in churches since about '84, using various types of fixtures, dimming and controls over the years.

    I spent 10 years in Victoria BC where I designed and installed the infrastructure for theatrical lighting in our church and where I started to use movable lights and learned the value of programming cues. :)

    Now I am the LD and general go-boy at our church (doing everything) and am looking to upgrade from an ETC Express (72/144) to likely an ION. For dimming we have 2x96 Sensor racks and for fixtures we have mixtures of old ellipsoidals, fresnels and pars and about 20 Source Four Pars, 30-ish Source Four ellipsoidals and all with scrollers and 6 iCues.

    We're also debating the value of purchasing movables, but at what balance for our needs.

    I stumbled onto CB when googling for comments on the ION. I look forward to spending many hours conversing with like-minded people here!

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    Welcome to the Booth Percy! It sounds like Ion would be an excellent choice for your needs. The new ETC Element could handle your setup, but you would be on the upper end of what it's really designed for. Ion would give you plenty of room to grow.

    Also let me point you to an article on my philosophy about intelligent lighting. I started writing on the topic in a variety of threads. Others agreed that it was a great strategy and it became known as "the gafftaper method". It doesn't 100% apply to your situation but hopefully it gives you some food for thought in the mover department. If you have specific questions about movers post them in the lighting forum.

    The search function is your friend!
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