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Welcome. Don't be afraid to share the wealth of knowledge it seems like you have. Also, the link is not working.


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Welcome to Controlbooth, have fun and post often!
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Ok I checked into what was up with my links not working and I found that the company I have my url's parked at are in New Orleans.

A post from their site:
*** As our staff returns to New Orleans from their safe harbors over the next couple of days, things will be returning to normal.
* Due to Hurricane Katrina we have an usually high volume of support requests. Please be patient and we will be back with you as soon as possible.

I posted the standard Rio Grande url till the links are up.

Sorry for the inconvenience
Question - I have been trying to up load an avatar.

I have made it according to your spects and I get a warning.



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i find it easiest to upload to an image hosting site(photobucket) and just "off-site" link it
Thanks - that site works very well.

thank you again

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