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I've been considering for a while writing a guide to selecting and using wireless microphone systems in high school theatre. While I have a general idea of what would be included in such a document, it would be very helpful to know what other people want to know. So, here is my question: what kind of topics would you like to see addressed in a Guide to Wireless Microphones? Please be as specific as possible.

What a good idea. I think for the typical user "Troubleshooting Guide" would be beneficial.
As well as a discussion of mic placement (for lavalier mics).


definitly something on reciever placement, i've seen too many people put wireless recievers where they don't get a good signal, and where they can fall and break.
Great, keep 'em coming!
Might also want to say something about selecting frequencies.
Ways of safeguarding from talent misuse. Battery options. Perhaps advanced antenna info like distribution, amplification, stuff. Also information about different mic elements and output signal types and advantages/disadvantages.
dont forget a good, basic EQ setup for beginers
I'm going to need a bit more feedback than this - what else do you all really want to know?
perhaps a section on battery management for multiple wireless systems (eg. what type of batteries to use, advantages/disadvantages of rechargeable vs. single use batteries)

perhaps, also a section on storage and preventive maintainance/how to care for your wireless mics

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