GVP4096 LED Video Moving Head Art-Net Problems


Hi all,

I have recently purchased 2 x GVP4096 LED Video Moving Heads for a production I am designing. Photos attached. They are basically a 64x64 RGB LED video panel attached to a moving head yoke.

I have managed to set up the DMX portion of the fixture into the lighting console and I can pan/tilt/dim/colour/change built-in programs.

What I have yet to be able to solve is this:
I am supposed to be able to send video files/images to them from a computer via Art-Net. The (very poor) instructions say to use DVI Mapper and once they are set up, you can use Madrix or other mapping software like Arkaos or Novastar or Resolume to patch them and send video data. I have been trying all week to get these things to do anything via Art-Net with no success.

Has anyone had any luck with units like this? Am I missing anything that is super obvious?

A couple important notes...if I put the fixture into “Art-Net” mode directly, I lose DMX control of the fixture (cannot pan/tilt/intensity etc). So I assume that the fixture always accepts Art-Net for video purposes but needs either DMX/Art-Net connection to a lighting console to control its position etc.

Any assistance at all or possible advice would be great. I might have misinterpreted what these fixtures can do. Do they require a video processor/controller - like an LED video wall? But all the online YouTube videos I have seen of these things show it simply connected via LAN cables to a laptop and that’s it.


Thanks so much.


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