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I know this is a pretty simple topic to most of us. We need to give a 5- 6 minute speech for my one class and i figured this would give me enough material to make through the time. starting with a lightplot, then moving to the actual hang for a show from there focus and prep (gel, gobo, circuiting, ect)

i prett much have it all down the way i want. I am wondering if anyone has sugestions on other things to include. I will be using a source 4 ellipsoidal.

thanks for the input guys
Hang cards for each pipe given to the crew chief for that pipe... oh' so nice. Pull shutters, plug in, safety and put in spot focus and get rough focus direction.

Beyond that, teaching what's acceptable by way of holes in the sleevign or failed strain reliefs and why perhaps.
Possibly go into the physics of why you need to have a fixture properly focused should kill some time too.
I would try to relate somehow to the actual DESIGN of a light's usage. For instance, use a basic example like "we need a light to look like its coming through a window, so we hang it *here* and focus it like *this*"

I would find that to be interesting if I were a student.
i forgot about that, thanks. I work in a few theatres and only one has flys....(i wish the others did)
This may sound stupid but when trying to focus a show w/ a frien d of mine who is not nearly as into theater as i was constatly reminding him what pa/tilt is, and were each bolt or screw for locking was..

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