Happy Birthday Dave!


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Join in with me in wishing our Webmaster dvsDave a very happy birthday for Noverber 6. Hope you have/had a good one Dave.

Happy Birthday!
Happy birthday Dave!
Happy Birthday Dave. If I actually had money, I'd buy you something, but what theatre person has money?
Happy __th!!!

since you are admin, if you wanted to take the time to, you could replace the __ with your age. I don't know it, so I left it __ and said what the heck. Another year over, another year starting....may God bless and keep you from getting truss or something dropped on you.
Thank you all... it was a pretty good birthday. I turned 22 and I am just glad I've made it this far :D

I got some awesome gifts this year... The best one is by far is The Complete Calvin and Hobbes Collection, a hardbound 3 volume collection of every single Calvin and Hobbes comic strip ever written... er.. drawn.

My wife also got me Art Of Deception: Controlling the Human Element Of Security, by Kevin D. Mitnick (the most famous social engineer of our time), an awesome read so far (I'm only a third of the way thru the book).

Also got a bunch of dress shirts and ties to match (including a cool tie that has a binary design that when assembled, says "Ties Suck". Check it out at Thinkgeek.com.

Anyway... thank you all again for the birthday wishes!!!

Binary - and lighting guys give us a hard time for using "1, 2" when doing sound checks!
hey Dave i would buy you a control booth shirt but that would just be cheap

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