Happy Valentines Day!


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<center>Happy Valentines Day</center>
Awwww - thanks Dave. Didn't know that you cared :p
yeah and happy valentines day to those who had to give up a night with their girlfriends to run rehearsals for some bastard musical. i'm sorry tryph (why she'd be on here i dont know), i'll make it up to you babe, i'm a lousy boyfriend.
I tell my wife that as we are married we don't need Valentine's Day any more - we now have anniversaries! Mind you, that also falls during a busy period (remember this is the Australian summer), so I am very conscious of making the most of down time.

Had a gig on Friday, prep gear on Saturday for a gig that night, now doing some invoices before heading into the workshop this afternoon.

Just have to make it up on another day/time. I am very lucky to have such an understanding wife and I think we all owe our partners a big thankyou.

Here’s to the Wives, Husbands, Girlfriends and Boyfriends out there who put up with our lifestyles – cheers.
happy valentines day everyone, tho its almost ova now. Our director was nice enough to give us the day off, but were back tomorrow!

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