Having to rethink Qlab show control with new Audio Rig.

Chris Chapman

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May 25, 2006
Greenville, Michigan, United States
We are undergoing a significant system upgrade in our facility, and I'm migrating from a Yamaha M7CL to a dLive S5000. I'm going through the dLive specs, and noticed the S5000 doesn't have MIDI in & out on the back. For years I've used MIDI to trigger Qlab by advancing Scenes. What's the current solution? Link Qlab to the dLive via the Network port? This is a new paradigm for show control for me, and I'm a little behind the ball on updates. Any pointers on where to look or hints on programming this solution would be helpful. OSC triggers over the network port?


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Geep Howell

Sep 5, 2018
As you have found, dLive uses MIDI over TCP/IP instead of the traditional MIDI interface. With a Windows machine, the DAW software sets up the interface. On a Mac, Allen & Heath supplies a MIDI driver to use. I use Chris Hubbard's excllent Palladium program for show control with dLive C3500 and have run the DAW interface without any issues on that side. I send OSC commands to Qlab from Palladium, so have not run the Mac setup, but it should work also. The package is AH+TCP+MIDI+Driver+Installer.dmg and can be found in A&H's downloads