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Well since i just posted my first question i guess i should also post an intro.

My name is Todd Leighty I am the Production Technology/ Technical Director for Norwin School District in PA.
I was just hired back in the fall after working the past 6 years at Seton Hill University as a shop supervisor and master carpenter for the theatre program there.
I am responsible for all tech aspects of the high school productions currently 4 a year. I am also responsible for the lighting and sound systems in all the performing spaces in the districts seven buildings.

Looking forward to spending more time then i probably should on here in the future.


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Wow! That sounds like a broad job description there. I'm sure that it keeps you on your toes as to what is happening in the district!

Welcome aboard!


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Yeah ! Let's hear it for spending my time than we should here ! Welcome aboard ! Does sound like a huge job, but hey that's what keeps us interested right ?


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Welcome to Control Booth! I started working at a school district taking care of the high schools' productions and productions in the middle schools and elementary schools. Scheduling all those productions, so I could do them all was very interesting! It was quickly determined that there was no way for one person to do all that. I was so burned out after the first 9 weeks!! Let's hope that things aren't so crazy for you and things go smoothly.



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Welcome to Controlbooth.

Don't get me started on schools... Every time I read things like this it becomes SO obvious the differences in the systems here and over in the states. You at least have some technical personnel. We got nothing.

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