Hello Dolly

i'm not 100% positive on this, (our director is taking a long time to decide this year...) but i think our spring musical is going to be hello dolly. i don't really know much of anything about the play yet, but has anyone else done it before? if so, any tips?? thanks!

- Lisa
you still havent decided on a spring musical??
Holy beep(instead of four letter words), We are 4 weeks into rehersals for our spring play in March
weve been rehearsing since december.
i know isn't it horrible?!?! last year she knew the first day of school...we did Children of Eden. i don't know why she's waiting so long this year it's really bad. we'll pull through somehow though, we always do haha. what are you guys doing?

- Lisa
unfortunetly were doing "Seussical the Musical'
mmm Hello Dolly is a good one. It being my first musical, i myself enjoy it. I'm sure you'll have "put on your sunday clothes" stuck in your head for quite some time. seeing as i did that show forever ago and even thinking about it brings the song to my head! Also, its probably taking your director so long to choose a musical cause she knows she cant top Children of Eden :D . well...maybe not, but it is certainly an excellent show!

I wish you much luck with whatever show you do end up doing!
thanks! yeah songs get stuck in my head real quick - i did annie over the summer and was constantly singing those songs haha

- Lisa
yep, i finally sat done with my sm and i wrote down act 1 cues, hopefully we'll start focusing this week.
Ya, our actors just started rehersing for our spring show. The director wont bother giving me a script until about 2 weeks before the show and then I only have the last week of rehersals to do everything (doing tech before the last week interupts the actors and hinders their preformance!).

Sorry I cant be more help, I have never done that play :-/
that's ok - i know what u mean about doing everything with such short notice, i don't like it either! but somehow everything always works out...we're usually there until after 11 every night though...haha

- Lisa
Yep, I have pulled many 18 hour days at school (getting there arround 7 and not leaving until after midnight) working those plays. Everything always works out, but i am left with the feeling of "what more could I have done to make it better if I had more time." I guess it is kinda a good thing that she doenst give us a ton of time too, b/c I wouldnt get any schoolwork done at all!

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