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Hello from a middle school techie

Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by superuser2, Oct 18, 2008.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm Jacob and I'm in middle in Wisconsin. I'm primarily a computer geek (I've taught myself Python/Rails/PHP web programming, Linux server administration, and I do tech support for friends, etc.) but I've been getting into live audio.

    There's just something about working in a live show where everything you do has an immediate effect on what the audience hears - it forces me to really concentrate and be in the moment. This you just don't get writing software, where you can screw up a hundred thousand times so long as the final product is stable.

    For this reason (besides the fact there's a complex system to be figured out) I absolutely love running the sound board. I'm not really a musician but I think I have a decent ear for what sounds good and what doesn't, what needs to be louder, etc.

    But I recognize that there's a whole world here I know very little about. I'm always open to any general wisdom - for lack of opportunities to do this kind of thing, I'd like to learn as much as I can online to do the best I can with each show.
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    Welcome to The Booth Jacob! There are many of us here who got hooked on technical theater for the same reasons you are fascinated by it now. Jump in and start mixing. Hopefully you'll go to a high school with a good tech theater program where you can really learn something. Also check out the opportunities to volunteer at community theaters. They are volunteer run theaters and many love having young people come help out. You'll probably start out in the shop painting sets and things but if you are persistent and they like you, eventually you'll get the chance to work with their sound people. If you are lucky and find the right community theater, its like getting free education.

    Get to know the search function and the Wiki glossary. There's lots of information waiting here for you to learn. Don't be shy, jump in and post. The only dumb question is one that's been answered 5 times already.

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