Hello from Dever, CO

hello everyone
this site was pointed out to me by one of our lighting designers at CCHS (a denver high school) and i felt at home. I can't wait to help out with my little bits of experiance and let you guys give me suggestions when i'm in a bind. I'm the STD (student tech director), sound designer and master carpenter...basically, i do everything at our theatre. I love it and am hoping to go to college majoring in it next year. I look forward to many more posts...


Technical Director, Sound Designer...everything


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Hey Michael,

Welcome to ControlBooth! Glad to have you here!

I always wanted to go to Denver, but never have :(

Looking forward to seeing you on the site often!


Denver, eh?

Welcome to CB! I've been here four days, and it already feels like home. Hopefully moving to Colorado soon, woop woop! welcome! 8O

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