Hello, from NY


Well I am here to say hello to CB.com community.

First I like to say that i am a junior in high school.
My audtorium holds about 500 people, and I just personaly overhauled the entire sound system, and starting the lighting system.

well when i moved from canada to the USA it was a letdown to go to the current school I attend. Why? Because i was used to working in a 2000 seat audtorium and controlling 300 lights.

I am currently the Technical Director/Technision or what evey you want to call it. Basicaly I know sound, lighting, and entire audtorium system in my school and make all major decisions for it. (except purchaseing paperwork but do decide what to buy) I will tell a little more on how i have made my audtorium rival others for litlle to no cost, execpt hours. and the longest school day i have put in is 17 hours straight (fun fun fun). And currently am on call 24/7 for technical support. many hundreds if not thousands of hours i have lived in my autorium in the past few years, but I have made it a kick ass, computer controlled place to work in.
Awesome!!! Good for you, seems you're enjoying your stuff. Glad you could join us!
Welcome! Where in New York are you from??
The 2nd richest county I think.
Westchester New York
I will post in another section about audtorium renovation, i had compleated.

Good for you! I hope you are surviving in your smaller auditorium! (at least you didnt move to a school ::gasp:: ::wisper:: without an auditorium!

I hope you dont become a stranger arround here! Please keep posting and asking questions!

-the "unofficial" welcome wagon (part 2) (sorry I'm late, I have been sick in bed the past few days, so I'm abit behind!)

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