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Hi, I am a junior at Park City High School which was a rocking tech program. Even more rocking then our tech program is our theatre the Eccles Center. I have been doing tech since my freshman year. Last year I got into an internship program at the Eccles with the foundation that does the professional shows in there. I got to crew the touring shows that came in. The coolest ones were The Bacon Brothers and a Cirque show that came though. I spent this past summer working at the other theatre running spot and this fall I ran light board, which I am doing at the moment as well. Other then tech I love to snowboard.


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hello to you and happy holidays,I want to be the first to welcome you to our community. We hope you can learn from us and maybe teach a little along the way!


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Hi and Welcome!!!

Please check back often, and more importanly, ask lots of questions and try to answer questions too! (dont be like a TON of the members arround here who make a few post and disappear!) :) I am looking foward to learning from you! Welcome!

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