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Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by KingSky, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. KingSky

    KingSky Member

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    Las Vegas
    My name is Zak king and I'm an undergrad student in the University of Montana in the Drama Dance Design Technology department and plan on pursuing a BFA in lighting. It's my first exciting year in college but i've been involved in theater on various levels for three and a halve years now, and the deeper into it i get, the deeper i want to dive in. An instructor showed me controlbooth and it seemed like a good idea to start an account.
    I got involved in lighting a year and half ago by complete accident. I was the only student and one of five people who were trained in a brand new theater in Whitefish, Montana, and so when the high school set up their first performance, i volunteered to do the sound, and we contracted the lighting design out to a local with some experience, but he never showed and a week before opening night i decided that i would try to light the stage, and instantly became more interested in lighting than anything else, although i still maintain a healthy interest in sound design as well.
    Right, i think that's enough about me for now. have a nice day, or night.
  2. ScottT

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    New York City
    Glad to have you on CB Zak! As I believe the common saying is: ask all that you can and do the same for answering questions of others. I might have paraphrased that a bit though...

    Anyways, welcome!

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