Hello, I am 16 years old, and in love with technical theatre. I am curently attending high school, and am in grade 11. I am from Oakville, Ontario Canada. I think I want to end up with Technical Theatre as a profession. I am curently doing lights and sound for my High School.

L :) :D
Hello and welcome to Controlbooth. I see you are in the same situation I once was(long story). Anyhow, have fun and don't be a stranger!!


Oakville... hmm ... I know some kids from up that way.... (and I live in MA, USA!) Welcome to controlbooth.com! Please dont make this your one and only post on the forums! Most of us are students just like you and we value any input you may have on any of the topics being discussed here. Hopefully you'll learn from us and we'll learn from you!

Welcome to ControlBooth.com!
--The Official Welcome Wagon (part 2)

[wow, are avkid and I actualy the first two to welcome you, and in the correct order too... wow, it's been a while since that happened!]
hi ya and welcome to control booth, i have only been here a couple of months and all the people here r REALLY friendly and happy to help. They take me seriously too (I'm only 12). Most other sites just ignore me because of my age. This site RULES. Welcome Again.
Always great to see another Canadian on the site...

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