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Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by CHScrew, Aug 17, 2005.

  1. CHScrew

    CHScrew Active Member

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    north of Pittsburgh, PA
    Hey, I'm Ray Edmond from Center Twp. in Beaver County, PA

    I'm the current Stage crew head for Center Area High School. I've worked backstage in "My favorite year", "How to succeed in business without really trying", "Man of LaMancha", and "Big River". I also worked follow spot 1 for "God Spell" and "God Spell Jr." I also do random lighting and sound stuff for the high school. If you ever go to anything at center, Chances are you'll find me either in the Booth or backstage.

    Just sayin' Hi

  2. Peter

    Peter Well-Known Member

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    MA, USA
    Hey, Welcome to!

    sounds like your a well rounded guy! I hope you can share some of your knowledge w/ us and we can share some of ours with you at the same time!


    Welcome To
    --The official Welcome Wagon (part 2)

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