Apr 26, 2020
Hey all, I've been a longtime lurker but finally got my act together and registered an account.

I'm Bean. I'm a college student from the northeast, where I'm currently studying math. I've been doing theatre as a hobby for most of my life, previously mostly as an SM but have honestly done all sorts of things. I'm kind of at the point where I feel like I know a lot about theatre but also am pretty sure I know nothing about theatre, so I'm trying to spend the summer learning as much as I can with all of my free time. I'm looking to learn more about scenic design in particular, both in terms of how to build and how to design, so if anyone has any suggestions on readings or online courses, please send them my way.

Otherwise I'm looking forward to being a member!


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Dec 17, 2014
Caterham, Surrey, UK
Hello. I'm from the North East, but of England :)

Welcome. I'm an "amateur practitioner" doing mainly lighting, and I often feel I know quite a lot and nothing too. I think it's a good attitude, to be always learning.