Hello control boothers! Found the CB site a few years ago and have checked in once and a while since then. I may be looking for some help with an upcoming show so thought I'd finally join.

My name is Fritz. I started in theatre with my high school tech crew, got a BFA in theatre design and technology in college, worked as a master carpenter, welder, paint charge, atd, or props artist across several theatre companies over the next few years, then worked for a tradeshow company for a few years, and that brings me to today where I currently run a high school theatre program as the producer, technical director, and set designer. Been loving this job for 3 years now but still have lots to learn. Especially after the school just renovated from a Strand CD80 traditional dimmer rack to a fully LED system run with a Hog4X.

Look forward to getting to know the site better.
Welcome! There is a lot of great info here in the archives. Let us know how we can help you.


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