Hail Everyone!

The best regards to all of you, :p
I am a New member in this forum and I hope we can exchange many information.

My Equipment is:

Chauvet Intimidator 2.0 250W
FX-800 Chauvet PRecision Fogger 800W (Adapter to DMX)
Laser Bid Dipper 350mW RGY
American DJ PAR56 300W
Elation Stage Setter 8 Console (16 CH)
DIMMER American DJ DP-DMX4B (4 CH, 5A / CH)
Chauvet Mega Strobe III 750W (Adapter to DMX)

Any Question you have got about this equipment just ask me :)

Bye, Luio.

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Welcome! Enjoy your stay!


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Welcome aboard! What kinds of work do you do?

Also, as I always ask the new folks, do you have a website of your work or your venue?

Anyways, yeah, welcome to CB!


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Welcome Aboard! Ask and Answer it's a lot of fun here. Where are you from? We've got folks from all over the world and it's always fun to freinds and collegues in new lands.


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Welcome to the Booth!!

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