My name is Scott and I am new to the boards. Currently I am TD at a 2,250 seat theater with a 450 little theater in SC. My past experience has me working on Broadway and doing industrials with Local 1 in NYC. Before that I worked as a shop tech for Vari Lite in NY, as well as worked as a Technician on the Queen Elizabeth 2 and Royal Viking Sun cruise ships, for Cunard. I went to school at Illinois State University graduating in '97 with a degree in Technical Theater. I have been out of the game for a couple of years and am trying to get a good foothold on all the new technology.

Glad to be here!


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Welcome Aboard!! Wow, What a great background. I'm sure you'll have a blast here. Ask what you want, answer what you can. Oh and ignore the grumpy Aussies.


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Welcome aboard! Looks like you've got quite the background there!

As long as you don't mind, does your venue have a website, and could you post that? We generally like to check such things out.


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Welcome to the Booth. You've got a really interesting background. But you have failed to cover the more important issues. Please tell us how you feel about Pirates vs. Ninjas, and the Metric system.

Have fun!


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Welcome aboard Scott always nice to see a new member come on site. And I am not grumpy. I'm a little dopey and occasionally sneezy when the weather is wrong but then I just go and see the Doc.


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yeah welcome to the forum
i think what logos means is "but then I just go and see the Doc AND NOT HAVE TO PAY THROUGH THE ROOF FOR IT"
we aussies aren't boring (or dead for that matter) controlbooth is a great place to ask questions and help people out, but there is a slight amount of hieracy going on around here



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actually it was a clumsy and not very clever reference to the seven dwarves (dwarfs?)
Grumpy Dopey Sneezy and Doc. And there was also Sleepy and ... and ...
I give up.


Bashfull, don't forget bashfull... and then there's Donner and Vixen ...oh hang on ****ed XMAS bookings ALREADY!!!

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