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Discussion in 'New Member Board' started by mlu8430, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. mlu8430

    mlu8430 Member

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    I am a Dad that has been volunteered to help with the stage and set building at my childrens High School. This year we are doing La Mes. I am looking for plans for a revolving stage. We also want it motorized. It can be wood or metal or both. Any help would be great.
  2. Van

    Van CBMod CB Mods Premium Member

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    Project Manager, Stagecraft Industries, Inc.
    Portland, Or.
    Hey mlu8430 ! Welcome Aboard! First and foremost it's great to see parents getting involved in school activities. I'd like to help with my kids shows, but I'm always too busy doing my own !
    Get to know that search function up there in the header area. Type in Revolve or Turntable. I've started a glossary article already < which really should be moved to collabrative articles> and atached a couple of AutoCAD drawings. Feel free to PM or Email me with any questions on those drawings, and know that any questions you ask on here will get a ton of responses from a ton of good folks.

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